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Key management


Key management and

digital access

With key management via Bookhus, the handing out of keys is 100% automated. This means that you as landlords will be able to get more free hands, as time does not have to go with the handing over of keys.  

The solution is simple, all that is required is internet in the house (can be combined with a GSM solution via the mobile network, where it is not possible to get an internet connection).

There is simply a control box mounted in the house, an engine lock and a keyboard on the door, and there is thus access control on the door and the house.  If you want other options such as heat control, reading meters for consumption settlement or the like, the system also handles this.

The system is controlled directly by Bookhus, which automatically assigns a code to the rental period, which is written with the rental certificate, it could not be easier. In addition, it comes with a simple user interface, which can be used, if you wish, to assign a house a code in, for example, a single day, because you need to have a craftsman in or the house needs to be cleaned, and which is controlled from any preferably computer with Internet access.

Permanent codes can be assigned, which can be given to service people or supervisors. These can be deleted and corrected with immediate effect from your computer and you get rid of  handling of keys in circulation.

All in all, it will be a question of your everyday life around the rental being greatly facilitated, and you will be able to create a calmer everyday life around the rental. At the same time, staff hours and money will be saved. Everything is controlled easily and securely via the Internet.

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