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Build your own booking portal

It is very easy to customize all pages in Bookhus. Use the built-in CMS system and create new subpages, customize Menu texts, insert images, video, etc. in a simple way.


Draw via a single click!

Once you have created the draw period, users can go in and register their wishes in the system. Users choose holiday accommodation as well as period and with what priority their wishes are entered with. On "My page" they can follow which wishes they have registered, and possibly replace them if they choose.


  • User friendly

  • Value-creating

  • Coherent

Waiting list

So you do not have to keep that in mind

In Bookhus, there is a built-in waiting list module that automatically keeps track of the users who are on a waiting list for a specific holiday home for a specific period.

The system itself takes care of notifying the users via email as soon as something becomes available in connection with cancellation, so you do not have to do anything.

Users keep track of their waiting lists under My Page.


Newsletters and messages

Keeps your tenants informed throughout the rental period.

You can setup newsletters and send them to your users directly from Bookhus. Use the various variables from the system and make them personal, insert pictures and links to the page etc.

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