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Get your own gated website where your employees can rent your properties directly from. A closed website offers pricing flexibility of the lease.
The only system you need to manage your vacation properties.

Vacation rental for your employees

Many companies buy cottages or properties they want to rent to their employees. But there are many tax rules and it is a complicated  administrative task.

Bookhus is a booking solution designed for companies that own or lease holiday homes that they lease to their employees. The Bookhus solution helps to automate the administration of the properties from booking to tax reporting.


The company gets a gated web portal only the employees can access. This allows you to define who should be allowed to rent your properties, and set the rental pricing.


Bookhus calculates the minimum rent in relation to current tax rules on your properties, so that the lease can be done tax-free. The system also keeps track of what tax is to be reported if the rent is lower.


The bookhus solution can also be used to book the rental properties as an external office, or for meeting rooms. 


Many employees also own summer properties they would like to rent to colleagues. With a Bookhus business solution, employees can make the property available and even manage which weeks it can be booked by colleagues.


The system keeps track of all tax rules both private and business. By renting out the holiday home via Bookhus, the employee can take advantage of the full deduction rate of DKK 41,800. (for Denmark)


Bookhus also offers to manage the properties. This allows cleaning and maintenance. Through our 24/7 hotline, we can also offer to assist the guests during their stay with any questions.


Our company's solution is specifically designed for businesses that own or lease properties and includes a number of features specifically designed to meet the challenges this entails.

One system from booking to payment

CMS and Website

Bookhus has a full CMS system for building your own booking portal.


If several employees want the same lease, the raffel module can be used.

Booking administration

Booking, Payment, keys, All is automated to make managing your lease as easy as possible

Online payer

Deposit and subsequent payments are automatically charged through our online payment module

Statistics and KPIs

System contains a number of BI statistics and data integrations. 

24/7 Support

We are ready to help your employees when they have questions about the lease.

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