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Rental portal for your Bed and Breakfast

Get an automatic administration system with website and booking for yours
Bed and Breakfast. The system integrates with the major booking portals.
The only system you need to manage your Bed and Breakfast

A couple of our customers

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One system from booking to settlement

CMS and Website

Bookhus has a full CMS system for building your own booking portal.

Booking administration

Booking, payment, keys - everything is automated to make the administration of your lease as easy as possible.

Statistics and KPIs

The system contains a number of statistics and data that will give you an overview of finances and tax.


Activate your customers through newsletters. Send them great deals and remind them to come again.

Online payments

1st installment / deposit and subsequent payments are charged automatically through our online payment module.

Waiting list

The tenants have the opportunity to put themselves on a waiting list for one or more leases / periods, and automatically be notified when something becomes available.

If you have a Bed and Breakfast, but lack a website where your customers can book their stay and an administration system where you can keep track of all transactions, then Bookhus is the right system for you.


The Bookhus system helps automate everything from the presentation of your rooms and booking to tax reporting.


The system's allotment module allows you to move guests from room to room to ensure the most optimal economy for your business and the best experience for your guests. You also get a good overview of all rooms and can quickly see which rooms are available / rented out, and when.


The system's marketing module ensures that you can send out newsletters to your guests so they remember your Bed and Breakfast the next time they go travel. At the same time, the system automatically sends all the information the guests need, both before and after their stay.


With the Channel manager module, synchronize the system with bookings from the major online portals, while you control which periods you want to rent out yourself. In this way, you ensure the best finances for your business.


Bookhus is a booking system designed for Bed and breakfast companies.

Automate your Bed and Breakfast,
so have time to care for your guests


Hanne  Iversen

The system is easy to use and I especially think that the alotment module is smart. It saves me a lot of hassle.


John Arnesen

As chairman of the holiday fund, it is important that the paper work for STAR is easy to generate. Bookhouse makes it really easy.


Tina Schable

Our houses are scattered and we enjoy using Bookhus maintenance service. I can just call them and they'll fix it.

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