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Lottery of housing


In Bookhus, you make the draw via a single click!

Once you have created the draw period, users can go in and register their wishes in the system. Users choose holiday accommodation as well as period and not least with what priority their wishes are entered with.

On "My page" they can follow which wishes they have registered and possibly replace them regularly.

As something completely unique, the users in Bookhus have the opportunity to follow how many people have made a wish in the same period and the same holiday home that they themselves have wanted and in that way follow how big the chances are. to win.


As soon as a user has entered a wish, the period will be displayed with a color indicating how many people have so far wanted the same period as themselves. 

Users can now constantly monitor how likely it is to win the period / holiday home in question and possibly change his wish to another period where there are hardly as many wishes, in order to have a greater chance of winning.


You decide for yourself what the rules regarding the individual lottery should be, for example the number of wishes users can enter, whether pensioners can participate in the lottery, whether you can win if you won last, etc. 

When you are ready to draw lots, simply click on "Draw lots", and the system now draws all winners and losers across the individual holiday homes according to the rules set by you.   

You can subsequently print a complete report, which per. holiday home shows who won and who lost and why they lost. An email is sent with a message to both winners and losers.

Make the holiday home available
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