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Book a holiday home

Book a holiday home


With us, everyone can find out how to book a holiday home.

It is important that it is easy to book a holiday home, even for those who may not have much experience in using IT.

Once the user has selected a holiday home, they have the opportunity to see exactly what the price is for the selected periods in question. As soon as the user clicks on a day in the calendar, the system will immediately present the options available, as well as the exact price, for example for weekend, short break, week or period, where the user chooses the start and end date of the period.


Just click Book for the selected period and the booking process will begin. The user now has the option of various options such as cleaning, linen packages or parking, and they can insert a comment on their booking. Once they have accepted the rental conditions, they confirm the booking, and are then directed on to payment.

Payment can be via payroll deduction, giro payment, bank transfer or credit card payment. For credit card payments, it is possible to pay in the first installment upon reservation and subsequent payment of the remaining part, e.g. 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. As soon as the payment is completed, the rental certificate will be sent to them by email.

All rules regarding payment, and for that matter all other rules in the system, are set up and controlled by yourself via a few clicks.

Once the booking has been made, the user can go to "My page" and see exactly what they have booked, print their rental certificate or make payment of the remaining rent.

Make the holiday home available
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