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Credit card


Payment by credit card, online banking, Mobilepay etc

In Bookhus, it is possible for users to pay with the usual payment cards, such as Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc. directly in connection with the users booking the individual lease. There is also the possibility of direct transfer via online banking, and as the latest it will be possible to pay via e.g. Mobilepay.

With the payment module activated, the system will automatically direct the user through  the payment process after booking the individual lease.

After approval of the payment, the system automatically sends a receipt to the user by email with information about the payment - the payment can be divided into several installments. When the payment is received, a rental certificate is sent automatically.

If the user does not pay on time, the system will send a reminder by email. The system can be set up to automatically cancel a reservation if no payment is made on time, according to your rules.

You decide when the rental certificate should be automatically generated and sent, for example  by payment of the 1st installment or deposit, or only when the entire rent has been paid. If a lease is canceled, it may be repaid. part of the rent directly to the customer's credit card and the cancellation fee is withheld. All rules are determined and managed by you via the administration module.

It is also possible to refund a customer's outlay directly from Bookhus to the credit card. Send if necessary. an outlay of DKK 75, - directly back to the customer's credit card.

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