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SMS Notifications

Upgrade communication with your tenants and let them know via
SMS, then you are sure that important information is received when it should
used or are acute.

Set up the system to automatically send a payment reminder to the tenants
a number of hours / days before they have to pay either the 1st installment or the remaining part of
the rent, so we ensure that their booking is not canceled because they do not pay for
the time.

Send the tenants notice if they have not yet settled electricity, e.g. 5 days after

The tenants can sign up for a waiting list and be notified by email when a period
becomes available. In addition to this, it is possible to get the system to send them one
sms, so you get the canceled periods out again as soon as possible.

User In electronic key control or key boxes, the system can be set up
to send an sms with the key code eg 5 days before arrival, so the tenants always
has the code on him via his phone.

Send automatic SMS notifications

to your tenants.

SMS service

DKK 299 / month up to 10 houses.

CMS and Website

Bookhus has a full CMS system for building your own booking portal.


Send key codes to yours
renters automatically a number of days before they arrive.

Booking administration

Booking, Payment, keys, all is automated to make managing your lease as easy as possible

Online payment

Send a personal message directly to the tenant via the system.

Statistics and KPIs

After returning home, electricity and
heat is settled. Send yours
tenants automatically message
about this.


Find all SMS correspondence
linked to booking and tenant.
Then you have your documentation

Activate your SMS service here.

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